Chives – preserving and storing it as a herb

Everybody likes the food that contains the herbs and spices in the ingredient. But, among all chives is considered one of the best and tasty ingredients in any recipe. Chive is just like the onion, or it is the smallest member of the onion family. We all know that onion is the main ingredient to provide a better taste to any dish. Whenever you want to make your dish spicier and crispier, you should use it for the chives only. Chives are used as the other substitute of the onion that termed as the green chopped onion that provides a mild flavor to your dish.

Not only for the vegetable purpose but can it also use as bread spread when you mix cream or the cottage cheese in it. Most of the people use it as a tasting ingredient by which they can get a better taste. They are the best matches with the potatoes when a recipe called the best, in its chives, are used in an equal amount of the other substitutes.

Secrets of chives

  • Chives are grown in a fresh garden by which it gains a lot of protein and natural flavor that it can provide a new quality and taste to any dish.   
  • Chives are used as many types as you can use it as a vegetable dish with potatoes or to garnish any dish or for the spicy flavoring.
  • It is an herb like structure that needs better caring of it by keeping it in a cool place, or while growing; watering is a must for it.

There are many types of chives you find when you go for a search in the market; out of all, you have to pick the one that has broad in size from the below and the same in the above as they are the one that surely provides you the best taste in all the way you use.  

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